I had no choice but to go back and work on myself, by myself, in complete solitude. To be able to continue on, I had no choice but to do so.


Since my job of cleaning houses requires very little brain power, last summer I decided to download a solitaire game on my phone. I’ve heard people say it is a good activity to keep your mind active. It didn’t take long for me to become addicted to this pastime.

As I played the game, I learned more and more. I paid attention to the cards I needed and tossed the rest aside, moving towards the prize: winning the game. I stayed focused on all the cards around me. I soon developed a strategy to help me move swiftly through the game. I watched for the opportunity to make the right move, constantly moving forward. At times I became discouraged, but the more I played, the less I quit. I was determined to finish the game.

On this particular game, I also had the option to play in tournaments. As I began doing so, I saw others and looked on them with pity as they trailed behind. Even though I wanted to win, I felt bad when others didn’t. The cards they were given just weren’t played right. There was the option to end the game before it was finished, but if you quit, you had no chance. If you could hold up and place in the top three, you could move on to the next level. 

At times I would see players begin to gain points rapidly toward the end. Sometimes they would end up winning, but sometimes they still lost. I would watch the one in last place and I knew their struggle. I would see their hesitation to press “END GAME”. I knew that feeling from my own experience. You don’t want to give up when you’ve come so far, yet sometimes that’s exactly what we do.

I started winning many tournaments. I spent way too much time on this habit-forming game. Once I’d won so many times, I started relying solely on my strategy. Eventually there came a time when it wasn’t working for me anymore. Maybe it would even be considered cheating to the experts, yet that loophole had gotten me so far. I began to lose at the game. My option to enter tournaments had closed due to my many losses.

I had no choice but to go back and work on myself, by myself, in complete solitude. To be able to continue on, I had no choice but to do so.

As I have lived the Christian life, I’ve made use of the cards I’ve been dealt. I’ve stayed focused and I’ve lost focus. I’ve seen the enemy (aka the devil) hit me where it hurts. I’ve seen me struggle to “stay in the game”. I’ve seen my strategy fail. And I have found myself completely removed from the tournament. 

As I sit here typing, the house is quiet. Everyone is back to work and school and I have the day off. I’m trying to spend my time wisely, staying busy doing things that need to be done. Only the sound of the keys pounding on my keyboard, the dryer and the occasional vehicle passing by break the complete silence, yet the silence is deafening. I am alone. I have a lot of things on my mind and I can’t fix them. I hear the Holy Spirit whisper, “Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10 [a] NKJV) In my stillness, I am made whole. And the silence? It helps me to better hear God’s still, small voice. I know I need to study His Word, I need to pray and I need to do these things alone, by myself, in complete solitude with my Father. I listen, by reading, what He has to say and even if I don’t understand now, I know that He is God and I am not and that is reassuring to me.

Be encouraged, be still and don’t quit the “game”. (By the way, it IS NOT a game- just an analogy.) Thank you for reading and God bless!



Author: Priscilla Bohannon

I am a wife, a mother and a Christian author. My first book "In Every Situation, God is There" was published in 2014. It's currently unavailable, but I am working on getting it back on the market soon. I enjoy spending time with my family, writing and doing crafts. I clean houses for a living, and have for over 13 years. It provides me with quiet time to reflect on my own messy life. I find peace spending time with the Lord and only have peace when I am walking with Him. Without Him, I'd never make it in this life.

4 thoughts on “Solitaire”

  1. This was such a great post. So encouraging and I love the analogy! Please don’t think I am stalking you – I rarely have time to read a lot of blogs but yours is just an easy read… you will not believe it but another area of our likeness – I cleaned houses for 8 years before last August going full time where I work now. I could tell with the speeding ticket that you are a usual on the go person as am I, and with the ‘maid’ in your title, I wondered if that meant cleaning houses – go go go people! Which spawns this desire to draw close to God… this solitude that you write about. I long for it and somedays, I realize that I shouldn’t be so busy or get to the point of wanting to ‘give up’ because of exhaustion. Anyway, love your blog! Glad we met!

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    1. Haha! That is another amazing similarity! Well, that gives me hope! I’ve been cleaning for 13 1/2 years now and am hoping to go full-time writing one of these days (so keep stalking haha). I contemplated on changing the title of my blog but figure as long as I’m married I’ll always be somewhat of a maid 😅.
      It is hard work but I try to be content with what God has given me, although at times that’s hard work as well! In HIS time.
      I look forward to ‘stalking’ your blog some more after I catch up with the evening chores! I’m glad we met too! Thank you so much for your encouragement!

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      1. I love the title of the blog and it is very fitting for our duties as wife and mother! 🙂

        I saw that you have published a book, that’s amazing. I began blogging about a year ago to help me to find what sort of book I want to publish someday. Still unsure but one day I will get there.

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